Loved every minute of this retreat. It was like coming home. The activities were varied and balanced. The food was amazing. New friendships were made and a wonderful community emerged from the beginning. The drum circle was so much fun. Harmony Hills is like home for me. A great yoga setting. Thanks Jeni and Sandi. 

Corrie G. (Harmony Hill 2023)

Thanks for hosting the most wonderful, magical There’s No Place Like Home retreat.  What a gift to reconnect with you!  I felt as if the entire weekend was a Lotus flower unfolding and opening to my heart.

Sharon N. (Harmony Hill 2023)

Beautiful views. Challenging hike. Garden labryinth. Excellent food. Down time for reading. And, in my opinion, time with the best yoga teacher ever!

Allene M. (Harmony Hill 2023)

One of the best weekends of my life.

Thank you!!

Stephanie H. (Harmony Hill 2023)

This retreat is a real treat for me, especially during this crazy time of selling our home and moving. Thank you for your planning and creativity!


Susan B. (Harmony Hill 2023)

The beauty in this part of Spain was incredible and the hikes were very well orchestrated.  
The Yoga practice was one of my most favorite parts. I loved both teachers!
Carol T. (Spain 2023)

I thought all of the hikes were FABULOUS- I have to say that was the highlight…but I also really appreciated the restorative yoga afterwards to bracket the day with a mind-body-spirit practice. This was a very well-planned combination of yoga and social activities that blended into a fabulous week-long experience. The staff at the hotel and the hiking guides were all very friendly and added a lot of good energy to the event…not to mention the amazing scenery and calm atmosphere of the venue. This week was a perfect combination of elements to refresh and recharge the soul. 

Cathy C. (Spain 2023)

I loved the trip and thought it to be the best that I had ever been on. We had a wonderful time in Madrid, a wonderful time meeting everyone and a wonderful time hiking over hill and dale. Thank you for everything.

Pat T. (Spain 2023)

Very well organized…extremely friendly…very informative and went out of the way to make sure everyone got what they needed. I don’t think Jeni ever stops smiling. An incredibly positive light shines from her.

Tony H. (Spain 2023)

The Masseria – wow. The yoga. How hiking/walking balanced more traditional sightseeing. The central location, letting us see the regional highlights (especially Matera) without too much driving. The olive oil tour in addition to a wine tour. Loved the cooking class. The community feeling among everyone in the group – the most important thing and easy to take for granted because you do it so well.

Cassie P. (Italy 2023)

What an awesome trip! Very well organized, amazing accommodations, wonderful group of people, unbelievable meals and trips to explore and learn the country, and of course yoga. Thank you so much for this beautiful gift of memories.

Ramune C. (Italy 2023)

This trip was another GlobalYogaTrips which has become an annual ritual since saying YES!

Embracing that “YES!” took me first to the Galapagos in Sept 2018, then to Asturias, in northern Spain in Sept 2019. Then Wine and Poses in Bordeaux France 2021. And now in May 2023 spring flowers, so much food and wine and an average of walking 6 miles a day in Puglia, Italy – heel of the boot.  Above all that though is the treasured friendship with Jeni and Rocky who are both like wiser older siblings to me who I feel so blessed to know.

Jennifer S. (Italy 2023)

Everything worked well. Yoga 2x day, the venue, the food, the daily adventures! The same driver each day, the bus was comfortable, exploring so many wonderful experiences, the winery and the olive farm and the towns, even the cooking class! Best was the group!
Cathy C. (Italy 2023)

I enjoyed the mix of scheduled activities with free time. The lodging was great and I enjoyed the activities, especially Matera. The hosts and guests at the retreat were wonderful.
Mike B. (Italy 2023)

I loved having a new destination each day – something special to anticipate and learn about. I thought the day trip locations were interesting, beautiful, and helpful to understand the region’s history and flavor (literally and figuratively).
Kelsey S. (Italy 2023)

I enjoyed the group size, the pacing, the location, and the activities (and of course the people!).
Karen B. (Italy 2023)

So happy to have gone on another amazing trip with Jeni. Everything was well planned, the yoga fit in perfectly with the outings, the outings were great, the food and lodging were awesome and the people so fun to spend the week with. Looking forward to the next trip.
Chris E. (Italy 2023)

​This was a trip of a lifetime. I am still enjoying the memories of beautiful Asturias. I loved the location, retreat center, food, yoga, hikes and the overall organization of events.

Annette H. (Spain 2022)

Yoga with sunrise and sunset each day with Jeni and Sandi. Breath taking views. Well chosen hikes by two very knowledgeable and delightful guides, who chose hikes with our specific group in mind. Our hosts at the inn, Juan Carlos and Judy who provided wonderful meals from their garden along with joy and laughter. Evening massages …aaaahhhh. All organized by our fearless leader Jeni and her side kick, Rocky. Great retreat!

Terry G. (Spain 2022)

I enjoyed being in community, especially in the yoga studio, meeting new people, and the hikes. I found the hikes just perfect in length and really enjoyed the diverse selection of landscapes.

Liz K. (Spain 2022)

It was so much fun. I would love to go on another retreat. I loved the energy and how it’s off the beaten path. It really allows you to experience everything that is wonderful about the region.

Elinor F. (Spain 2022)

​Everything from yoga and hikes in such a beautiful place, wonderful meals, facility, great staffs, and camaraderie with fellow attendees. The freedom of choices for activities given to us was also great.  Loved all the hiking we did, and the combination with yoga was so good to my body.

Shoko Y. (Chamonix 2022)

I loved interacting with the great people, and enjoying the peace and beauty of nature.
I especially enjoyed Jeni’s and Rocky’s commitment to our safety and comfort, and to our emotional and spiritual well-being.

Mary S. (Spain 2022)

I loved the glorious day on Aguille du Midi and the fabulous hike down followed by the train ride. Wow! The hiking! The yoga! The food! The friendships! The chalet! An all-encompassing wonderful good time. A real highlight was the gourmet meals tres bien! Thank you for the fabulous yoga experience in the mountains and the joy with which you teach it!

Cindy P. (Chamonix 2022)

Chamonix is one of the most beautiful places I have seen. I really like the types of trips that you and Rocky put together. You guys are first class.

Mark P. (Chamonix 2022)

France 2022 was my first trip with Jeni. She has a great reputation, and I was excited to have the experience myself. Jeni’s pre-trip information, her travel stories and action-packed schedule helped me rev my engine. Her preparation, constant attention to detail, and continued checking-in with me (and others) made me feel very welcomed. I am ready to plan my next trip.

Gail B. (Bordeaux 2022)

“Schedule flexibility exhibited by all involved as a response to weather, group and individual interests and the availability of massage therapists made the retreat exceptionally enjoyable. Everything was awesome!”

Perry P. (Chamonix 2022)

I really like what Jeni said at the very beginning of the retreat: make this your retreat. It made me really think about what was important to me and make a conscious decision about really choosing what worked for me and then being entirely present for that instead of just plugging in and going through it. It was especially nice to have my daughter with me at this retreat!
Joellen H. (Bordeaux 2022)

The entire week was well organized. Every day away from the Chateau was interesting and unique. Thank you for the wonderful experience!

Pat H. (Bordeaux 2022)

The retreat exceeded my expectations, and it was the best trip I’ve ever taken.

Shelly S. (Bordeaux 2022)

Jeni’s energetic yet calm and welcoming personality allow participants in her retreats to fully enjoy their experience. She is able to fine tune each retreat to meet the needs of the participants to ensure a unique experience yet a sense of belonging for all. Jeni’s attention to every detail was truly appreciated.   

Terry M. (Bordeaux 2022)

It was a memorable journey exploring new adventures during a worldwide pandemic but a reminder that the human spirit is resilient and prevails. I enjoyed every step of the way!  

Bernie S. (Spain 2021)

I could not have asked for a better experience during my very first solo international trip. I may have traveled independently but in no way did I ever feel alone. Jeni and the team (Rocky, Mario, Judy, the guides, chefs and all!) thought of absolutely everything. I returned home with new friendships and lasting memories.

Annie P. (Spain 2021)

The Bordeaux Retreat was delightful. It was such a treat…enjoying the French countryside, eating wonderful food and drinking great wine while making new friends and doing yoga.  Another great retreat, Jeni.

Cassie P. (Bordeaux 2021)

I’ve been on two international yoga retreats with Jeni’s Global Yoga Trips and they were top quality in location, activities and the staff. They are super welcoming to all experience levels, ages and genders, even if you have never done a yoga pose in your life. The trips are always very organized, professional and include a variety of super fun non-yoga activities. I especially like Jeni’s expertise at being able to adjust to those unplanned, occasional glitches that can occur when traveling, all while keeping the fun factor high and everyone happy. I can’t wait for my next adventure with them!

Eric J. (Bordeaux 2021)

I had such a great experience. I was worried that I would miss my family at home, but everyday brought something new and interesting and I was too busy enjoying it all. I was surrounded by so many things I love: yoga, food, architecture, history, poetry, sun and wonderful people. I didn’t expect the people part to have such an impact but I really enjoyed everyone’s company. I haven’t laughed that much in such a long time. Sometimes vacations are restful, but this trip was rejuvenating to my heart, soul and mind.

Angela P. (Bordeaux 2021)

We are still smiling and remembering! It was so wonderful. The transportation, hotels, logistics, et al, all went so smoothly. You are a great trip leader, Jeni, and your traveling companion is first rate as well! Always a pleasure to travel with you two.

Mark & Cindy P. (Galapagos 2020)

I always felt safe, challenged and engaged with what was going on. The Galapagos was spectacular, magical, something that just has to be experienced to get an understanding. Everything was lovely. Don’t change a thing!

Linda S. (Galapagos 2020)

I loved that you chose a location off the beaten path. I loved that there was a good balance of organized activities and down time. At the risk of sounding like a groupie, I love you and Rocky as a couple. I think it is important not to downplay this. You both set the tone for the trip. Total acceptance and enjoyment of everyone there but without the need to be pied pipers. Together you understand introverts, extroverts and introverted-extroverts and allowed all to participate at their own comfort level without judgement. I really enjoyed the yoga classes. I appreciated the packing list and overall organization info prior to the trip. The food: OMG!! It still makes me smile. The guides: Cutest darn guides ever. The scenery: beyond my expectations. Our group: I can’t believe how wonderful everyone in our group was!

Candy W. (Spain 2017)

Excellent variety of activities and hotels. I feel like I got a good overall experience of the Galapagos. Location was amazing! Jeni’s guidance and quick response prior to the trip were greatly appreciated. The trip was fabulous!

Kim M. (Galapagos 2020)

I loved this retreat. It was the perfect balance of planned activities and free time. Our guide, Jose, was fun and knowledgeable. And having yoga many of the mornings in amazingly beautiful places was as great way to start the day. Also, everyone on the trip was wonderful and seemed to mesh well.

Chris E. (Galapagos 2018)

I loved my roommate! Jeni you are a genius at matching people up! I really liked the yoga in the morning and all the hikes as well as the wonderful meals. I like having some time to chill out in the afternoon also.

Joellen H. (Spain 2019)

I can’t think of anything that I would change. It was well organized, the schedule was lax enough, and adhered to- which I appreciated. I thought the hikes were appropriately strenuous for the mixed group. The yoga was ideal for me, not excessively hard, every class left me feeling good. Thank you, Jeni, for all you did as organizer and group leader! 

Sheri C. (Spain 2019)

I really liked the two yoga classes a day. This was a real treat for me because my work schedule typically doesn’t allow for more than two per week. Thank you! Loved them all! The location was incredible and the hikes beautiful. The guides were both very helpful, fun and knowledgeable. I enjoyed meeting such a wonderful group of people. Everyone with different interests, jobs, and hobbies was so interesting and enlightening. I have already taken a hike with one of my newfound friends since arriving back home.

Pat H. (Spain 2019)

Literally the perfect place/setting, yoga studio, chef and guides. Well done!

Anne B. (Spain 2017)

Can’t think of anything that did not work well for me. Loved the unbeaten paths, the region, great hosts, guides and organization, FOOD and WINE. Enjoyed morning and afternoon yoga very much as well.

Shoko Y. (Spain 2019)

Location was fantastic, food was excellent, people were great, schedule was good, guides were excellent, yoga was great. Pretty much everything was great. Can’t think of anything I would change. It was a fantastic trip of a lifetime!

Eric J. (Spain 2017)

These trips build long term friendships!

Candy W. (Galapagos 2018)

Having all the transportation and housing arranged worked well. Our guide, Jose, was great and took good care of us. The small group was perfect, and I enjoyed getting to know so many interesting people. The variety of places we visited were wonderful and varied. I don’t think we missed seeing any animals except the penguin!

Ellen E. (Galapagos 2018)

Everything was great- lodging, yoga, food, guides, hikes and extras (paella and cider tasting). I feel our hotel hosts know their customers and met our needs well. No need to go on about our guides- they were perfection personified. I went for a fun adventure and ended up with a world-class trip! Really appreciate the time you invested in the retreat and yoga classes to meet our needs. The participants were wonderful. The quick bonding and camaraderie were definitely a highlight. Many thanks!!!

Susan H. (Spain 2017)

The location was wonderful- inspiring and beautiful. I enjoyed the yoga classes- a good combo of more energetic in the morning and then restorative in the eve. The hikes were great, and Camilo and Mario were the best guides ever! The food was good and the companions friendly and interesting. This was a wonderful experience. I love this area of Spain. The physical beauty is awesome, prices are affordable, people are super friendly, and it doesn’t feel touristy at all. I had a great time.

Kathy W. (Spain 2017)

The retreat was wonderful for me. It refreshed me. Being with such friendly people, the yoga, hiking, the food and the whole cultural experience was amazing! Camilo and Mario, our guides, were exceptional in leading us on hikes and sharing their knowledge with us. They showed genuine interest in us and became our friends. The accommodations were very comfortable and clean and beautiful. I don’t think there is anything I’d change.

Bonnie H. (Spain 2017)

The guides Mario and Camilo made the hiking and touring very special. Their knowledge of the area and their encouragement contributed to the success of our trip. Practicing yoga in the beautiful yoga room overlooking the Quiros Valley was a treat. And the rural location was beautiful, and the food was great. Thank you, Jeni, for organizing this fantastic retreat!

Susan B. (Spain 2017)

What a fabulous trip! Thank you for introducing me to Asturias! The hotel and yoga studio were beautiful. I loved the hikes and our guides. Having Katie as my roommate was very special. The food and wine were exceptional. Thank you and Rocky for all your hard work in putting this together. Look forward to returning!

Joellen H. (Spain 2017)



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