1976 Plymouth Station Wagon

Dear Mom,

Thank you for grabbing the passenger door handle and stomping on your pretend brake as I took a corner at 25 mph.

Thank you for pointing out that the car in front of me had his right hand turn signal on in case I didn’t see it.

Thank you for shouting “Be Careful!” when I merged from the center turning lane into traffic.

Thank you for reading all of the street signs out loud so I knew where we were at all times.

Taking you to get your haircut today has made me feel 16 years old again. I can almost imagine that I am driving our 1976 wood-paneled Plymouth Station Wagon. I must be wearing my favorite bell bottoms and my tied dyed tank top, too. Never mind my State Farm good driver discount; 41 years of accident-free driving and 13 years of chauffeuring you to your appointments.

Today we celebrate my youth!

I hope someday in the future, I can help my boys recapture their youth in the same way. I know they will love it as much as I did.


Your Sweet Sixteen Daughter